Our Belief System Is Different…

I am (having this conversation) speaking with a friend about relationships, religion and beliefs. So to brief you on it, here is the dilemma. They have different religious views and they feel differently about sex. Now both have A religion but not the same one. He feels that sex before marriage is not right. Which […]

The New SuperHead of Twitter

  Disclaimer: This is not to make anyone feel bad but to shed light on the fact that being a groupie should not be one of your life goals. If you get offended by this post then it was meant for you. But regardless, from one black woman to another I LOVE YOU and only want […]

Barber Shop Boi Pussies and Lollipops

Alexyss is funny to me but even in her humor I can see where she is going with a lot of her videos. If you couldn’t get through the entire video (I know a lot of people don’t like too much cursing), she was basically telling women to be careful of the men you are […]

Stripper Hoe

  http://ow.ly/ Sighs. So as you may have clicked the link above and read, many women are resorting to stripping. Now regardless of my feelings towards this industry; I have never looked down on these women. I remember being in the fifth grade and seeing “Players Club” and being fascinated with the things they put up […]

Who’s In Control of Your Feelings?

I ask this question because recently, I read a blog about relationships and titles. The blog was written by a man and he felt that until he put a title on you, romantically y’all aren’t anything but friends. Now, as I read this I was thinking to myself, why does he get to choose whether […]