The Friendship Market

Last night I was walking around my apartment thinking about all the friendships I have invested in. I am sure we all have had some Good, Neutral and Bad investments in the friend market. I know I have and the older I get, the more I learn how to pick and choose which stock will make my investments grow and […]

Groupies, Tricks and Whores Oh My!

Disclaimer: I have no idea who these ladies are, the picture was just perfect for the post. Lately the internet has been going nuts. *kat stacks voice* Why have they been going crazy you ask? A plague of Groupies, Tricks and Whores have the internet blowing up now. We all joke around when Kat says that […]

If Halle and Stacey Can’t Keep A Man…

I still sure can. Halle and Stacey have nothing to do with me having a man. Recently, Halle has been on the blogs for her break up with the father of her child, Gabriel Aubry. A few women felt as if Halle couldn’t stay in a relationship then there was no hope for the rest of us… Honey, […]

Dear John Mayer

Mr. Mayer I know this letter is coming a little late.I felt that maybe I should address you and give you my thoughts and feelings on your “slip up”. I wasn’t too offended by what you said. You see, I understood what you were “trying” to say, yet your choice of words showed that as […]

Stripper Hoe Sighs. So as you may have clicked the link above and read, many women are resorting to stripping. Now regardless of my feelings towards this industry; I have never looked down on these women. I remember being in the fifth grade and seeing “Players Club” and being fascinated with the things they put up […]

Wale and His Pretty Girls

So I noticed via twitter that many young women were upset with this new video. *Sigh* why ladies? Why continue to let a rapper validate your beauty? Now let me say this, THIS SONG SUCKS!! The video SUCKS. So if you felt misrepresented  then be happy you weren’ t embarrassed by an idiotic tune. This light-skinned vs. dark-skinned […]